General Information

About CD & FS

CD & FS was founded in 1973 by Lorraine Neal, holding classes next door to the Barre Opera House, above what was then Lash Furniture.  Performances were held at nearby high schools.  Several years later, Lorraine began teaching in various churches in Montpelier and, in 1980, CD & FS moved to our present location at 18 Langdon Street.  Starting in 1982, performances were held at the newly refurbished Barre Opera House.

From one teacher and a handful of classes, the studio now holds over 50 classes each week taught by over a dozen teachers and serves many central Vermont students, ages 3 to 80+

Lorraine’s commitment to establishing a culture of professionalism and caring has developed a community of dancing and teaching that nourishes students of all ages and levels, and plays a vital role in central Vermont.  In 2010, Lorraine chose Allison Mann to take over as Director of CD & FS, and Allison has continued to develop the studio’s offerings. We strive to know each of our students, and we work to develop and maintain a community of support and caring, while cultivating a love of dance and a respect for the rigors and discipline required for those advancing in levels.

The studio’s longevity is a testament to the integrity and love of dancing that is nourished within its walls, and to the excellence in teaching.  About half the current faculty grew up dancing at CD & FS and are alumni of the studio’s Teen Jazz performance group. We provide age and developmentally appropriate dance education in a variety of genres.

How to Register

Registration Dates for Winter/Spring 2022

Registration for Winter/Spring registration closes December 15, with the exception of the Adult Daytime Classes. To inquire about waiting lists or openings in current classes for Young Children, Kids, Teens, and Adults, please call the studio: (802) 229-4676, or email us at While Covid19 protocols limit the sizes of classes, there may still be some openings.

Registration Forms can be mailed to the studio or dropped off. Registration information can also be sent via e-mail and phone. Click here for the Autumn 2021 brochure and registration form.
Office Hours are weekdays, early evenings, and Saturdays.
All Refunds are pro-rated according to classes attended. A $25 administrative fee is applied.


Tuition for Dancers age 3.5 thru 12th grade

Winter/Spring session 1/3/22 thru 5/12/22 (17 weeks)

# of classes per week40 – 65 min class70 – 105 min class110+ min class
1st class$227.50$280$332.50
2nd class$218.75$267.50$315
3rd class$210$253.75$297.50
4th class$201.25$241.25$280
Family Rate
(2nd child)

Winter/Spring Session 1/3/22 – 5/12/22 (17 weeks)
Monthly Payments: 1st of Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May

# of classes per week 40 – 65 min class 70 – 105 min class 110+ min class
1st class$45.50$56$66.50
2nd class$43.75$53.50$63
3rd class$42$50.75$59.50
4th class$40.25$48.25$56
Family Rate
(2nd child)
Tuition for Adult Dancers

Drop-In Rate:
40-65 min. class: $15
70-105 min. class: $18
110+ min. class: $22

Four-Week Rate: to be used within 6 weeks.
40-65 min. class: $45.50
70-105 min. class: $56
110+ min. class: $66.50

Dress Code

All Rules and Attire requirements contribute to maintaining focus on dance and learning. Neither attire nor hair should require adjustment while dancing. Note: There is a studio-wide policy to have midriffs covered.


Ballet: Ballet Attire requirements are included with class recommendations and can be requested by class level.
Jazz: Jr. Jazz students wear black leos, black dance pants, and jazz shoes. Teen/adult jazz students wear leotards or tops, dance pants or tights. Footwear is optional for upper level teen/adult jazz students.
Modern: Jr. Modern students wear black leos and black tights or dance pants. Teen/adult students wear leotards or tops, and tights or dance pants.
Hip Hop and B-Kids: All students must wear clean dance sneakers that are dedicated to dance, sweatpants or dance pants, and leotards or tops. No outside footwear is permitted in the studios.
Tap: Tap Kids wear black leotards or a close-fitting T, black tights or dance pants, & tap shoes.
Teen and Adult Tap students wear dance pants and leotards or tops, and tap shoes.
Workout/Yoga: Students wear comfortable pants, shorts or tights, leotards or Ts, and footwear if desired.

Hair and Jewelry

Hair must be pulled back and off the face for all classes. Hair ties and bobby pins are available at the front desk, though we prefer students supply their own. Bracelets, necklaces, fashion rings, and dangling earrings must be removed.

Attendance Requirements & General Rules

Arrival at Studio: Students arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to classes, in dance attire when possible. Changing rooms are available; students are not to use the bathroom for changing.

Regular and prompt attendance is required. Please call the studio if a student will be absent or late. Late students should wait at the classroom door to be welcomed by the teacher. There is a 3 absence maximum per semester for all dance classes, except Teen Jazz and Jr. Company. Exceptions are for serious illness or injury. Students absent during choreographic work might not perform that section of a dance. All Barre Opera House rehearsals and performances are mandatory for performers. Please see the Studio Calendar.


Students must tell their teachers about any injury that might affect their performance in class. If an injury prevents a student from participating in class, it is recommended they watch class actively and complete a Class Observation Form.


If you have a contagious or transmittable illness or condition, please stay home. If your illness is not contagious, but you feel you can’t dance, please watch class actively and complete a Class Observation Form. If you have a minor respiratory illness, we require that you wear a mask.

Personal Belongings

Unclaimed items are placed in Lost and Found at the end of each night and recycled during each vacation. CD&FS is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please write dancer’s name in all dancewear.

Food and Drinks

Healthy Snacks and meals may be consumed in the dressing rooms and lobby. Only plain water is allowed in the studios. Gum chewing is not allowed in the studios.


All electronic devices must be left in the dressing rooms or at the front desk, with ringers turned off. Phones can be checked between classes, not during class breaks.

Weather Procedure / Cancellations

In inclement weather, please call the studio for recorded message or check your email. Whenever possible, classes will be held via Zoom during inclement weather, and individual classes will be notified with links via email. In the event of cancellation, classes will be made up at a later date.

Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 229-4676

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