Autumn 2016
Classes for Teens and Adults 
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   Adult Beg  Wed 6-7:15 pm  AP*
   Level 1-2   Thu 5:45-7 pm  AP
   Level 3-4   Wed 7:30-9 pm  AP
   Level 5  Thu 7-8:30 pm  AP

   Level 1-2   Tue 6-7:30 pm  KN
   Level 3-4   Wed 6-7:30 pm  IS
   Level 5    Tue 7-8:30 pm  TM

Hip Hop
   Level 1-2   Mon  3:30-4:45 pm  AC
   Level 3-4   Thu  7-8:30 pm  RL
Fusion  Modern/Hip Hop/Jazz
   Level 2-3   Mon 6-7:15 pm  RL
   Level 4-5   Mon 7:30-9 pm  RL

The lines between categories of dance are becoming more and more blurred. Contemporary dance is a fusion of all styles and techniques. This class will focus on musicality, playfulness, athleticism, and a willingness to let go of our preconceptions of dance.

B-Boys & B-Girls  kids, teens, adults
   Level 3-4   Fri  6-7:30 pm  JH
   Level 5   Fri  3:30-5 pm  JH

   Tap Basics Workout  Wed  5-6 pm  AM
   Intermed  Thu  5:30-7 pm  SB

Student Choreography Group
   Levels 2 and up 2nd & 4th Fridays   6:30-8:30 pm  AC

Teen Jazz (by Audition Only)
   Mon   4:45-7 pm AC
   Every 3rd Fri 6:30-8:30 AC

Ballet (punch card classes)
   Beg    Mon  7-8:15 pm  IS
   Adv Beg/Interm   Wed  7:30-9 pm  IS

Contemporary Ballet
   Level 3-5   Tue  7:30-9 pm  IS

For the intermediate and advanced level dancer with a solid understanding of technique. The class moves through barre and center exercises that focus on placement, balance, honing skills and using a fluid and expressive spine. Musicality, momentum, and use of the upper body are emphasized and refined. Students explore parallel and turned out positions in the hips, combining modern movement with classical.

Fitness & Yoga

AfroJazz & Yoga Workout
   Open Level   Tue 5:30-7 pm  AM
   Open Level  * Fri 10-11:30 am  AM
   Open Level   Sat 8:30-9:45 am  AM

Start with 45 minutes of African/Caribbean and Jazz inspired moves to strengthen the cardio-vascular system and increase endurance. Continue with a standing yoga sequence, upper body/hand weights and stretches, and floor work to strengthen and stretch abs, thighs, and buttocks, and cool down the body. Class is led in an easy to follow adaptable format, and accompanied by inspiring and motivating music. This class leaves you feeling energized, relaxed, and satisfied. No Dance Experience Required.

Friday class emphasizes yoga with a shorter dance-workout segment.

Yoga with Robert Brower
   Open Level   Wed  9-10:15 am

Tap Basics Workout
   Tap Basics Workout  Wed  5-6 pm  AM

*Teacher's Initials. Go to "General Information" for names.