Summer Classes
Workshops & Intensives
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for Teens and Adults

Weekly Classes
June 5 - July 29
Summer is the perfect time to drop in & explore!

Afro-Jazz and Yoga Workout
   Allison Mann
   Open Level teens and adults
Tue 5:30-7 pm
A fun, safe, effective dance (cardio) workout that accommodates multiple levels; hand weights; deep stretching and strengthening that incorporates floor work and yoga. No experience needed.

Jumps, Leaps, and Turns!
   Isadora Snapp
   Level 2 and up Ages 12 and up
   Wed 6:30-8 pm
Focus on technique in modern, jazz, and ballet for clean, precise movements.

   Kait Nascimento
   Mixed Level Ages 12 and up
Tue 5:30-7 pm
Focus on spacial awareness, balance, coordination, rhythm & alignment. A perfect combination of technique development while experiencing fluidity and rhythmic flow.

Point Prep & Maintenance
   Amia Cervantes
   Mon 6:15-7:15 pm
Highly recommended for any student planning to continue pointe, or by recommendation, to begin pointe next year.

Point mixed level
   Isadora Snapp
   Tue 4:15-5 pm
Work slowly and conscientiously to develop and maintain strong technique.


   Mixed Level Ages 12 and up
   Mon 5-6:15 pm   Amia Cervantes
Wed 5-6:15 pm   Isadora Snapp - pointe optional
Develop body flexibility, strength, musicality and technique.

Jazz 1-2
  Amia Cervantes
teens and adults
Wed 6:30-7:30 pm
Learn and hone essential vocabulary and combinations.

Tap Basics Workout
  Allison Mann
  Ages 12 and up
Wed 5-6 pm
No experience needed. Lots of repetition and review.

BBoys BGirls
   Justin Hover
   Level 3-5
   Fri 5-6:30 pm
Enjoy camaraderie and support while developing and expanding vocabulary, form, and style.

Adult Hip Hop Workout
  Rosemary Leach
  Mon 5-6 pm
No experience needed. Lots of repetition and review.

Advanced Fusion & Improv
  Rosemary Leach
  Mon 6:15-7:45 pm

Join Montpelier's Independence Day Celebration:

BBoys BGirls Intensive
   Justin Hover
   Level 3-5
   June 26-30 4-6 pm
   Tuition $75
Work intensely and prepare to perform on the library lawn before Montpelier's July 3rd Parade.

Modern Performance Workshop
   Isadora Snapp
   June 29-30 6:15-8:15 pm
   July 1 10-11:45 am
   July 3 12-2 pm
   Tuition $60
Explore floor movement, inversions, classic technique, and complex combinations as we develop a piece to perform on the library lawn before the parade on July 3rd in Montpelier.

Motown Funk N Soul
   Rosemary Leach
   All Levels
   Ages 12 & up
   June 27-July 1 5-7 pm
   Come to all or drop in
   Tuition Free to 7/3 participants
Hop on the Soul Train and get the moves, then be part of a Soul Train at the end of Montpelier's July 3rd Parade. All levels

Special Workshops
for Teens and Adults

Laurel Jenkins will lead this year's
Performance Intensive:

The Kinesthetic Dimension of Costumes
with showings at Phantom Theater.
All ages and all levels of experience.

   August 7-10 5:30-8:30 pm workshop at CD&FS
   August 11 5 pm Tech and 8 pm Performance, Phantom Theater
   August 12 6 pm Call and 8 pm Performance, Phantom Theater

   Tuition: $100

Phantom Theater, in Warren, Vermont, is an intimate seasonal theater housed in the Edgcomb Barn.
We are thrilled to welcome Laurel back to lead this annual workshop. Her creativity, breadth of experience, and gracious leadership style make this week a deeply satisfying experience for participants of all levels and ages.

Millie Heckler returns to teach

Tuesday July 18 7-9 pm &
   Wednesday July 19 7:30-9:30 pm

   Tuition: $20 per class or 4 punches on CD&FS punchcard

Among many other impressive training and dance experiences, Millie was an original member and principle dancer with the new street dance theater company, Rennie Harris Grass Roots Project, started by the world-renowned hip hop genius, Rennie Harris. In the past year, Millie has toured with Harris nation-wide, during which time she worked with other companies including Alvin Ailey and Rennie Harris PureMovement.
Simply put, Millie's classes are a blast!